Public Sector

Next generation websites for municipal or regional organizations. Fully integrated search, content structure, accessibility, calendars, services, marketing, analytics, admin, and more.

Government, powered by WordPress and OS Ignite.

We took one of the most popular content management systems in the world, and optimized it for public sector organizations. Starting with a foundation of enterprise grade security and detailed technical control practices, this solution delivers for all levels of a municipal or regional government. We deploy software suited for city governments, regional governments, regional tourism organizations, and federal agencies.


Role Based Administration

Streamlined WordPress CMS administration, with an optimized control panel and secure user group permissions. Secure content, publishing workflows, and access to forms or submitted data with fine grain controls.

Structured Content

Complex content and design is transformed into an easy to edit structured custom field system, with automatic enforcement of accessibility and layout rules. Complete control of permissions, with no more messy edits.

Natural Content Associations

A hierarchal system of content relations that automatically pulls in relevant content for site visitors, without the need for complex navigation menus. Perfect for municipal agencies with large, complicated content structures.

Fully Integrated Analytics

Directly integrated with your existing Google Analytics, with advanced reports and output directly in your CMS dashboard. Or, utilize a privacy compliant alternative which is built in and ready to go.

Security & Compliance Audits

Get automated reports on site security and audit trails. Quickly browse and identify every single user of the website, along with administrator actions, content edits, and access to any of the authorized features.

Marketing Integrations

Directly integrated with every major newsletter provider, with sophisticated pop-up, slide-in, and embedded marketing tools to engage your site visitors. Track conversion events, and manage campaigns with ease.

Content Organization…Reimagined.

Our public sector solution allows for your current website content problems to be solved in unique ways. Instead of forcing your users to utilize complicated navigation, we built a system that allows you to deploy content that is intuitive and natural. We still have the standard accessible navigation solutions including menus and search, but that is just the beginning.

Natural Content Associations

In plain terms, by using complex data and linking structures behind the scenes, we can suggest and surface content in many different ways. As a content administrator, all you have to do is take a few seconds to flag your content in the background based on the topic or associated service. Going forward, this content is not only added to navigation/search, but is surfaced to website visitors in the form of suggested content blocks, featured widgets, and even slide-in or pop-up notifications. This is all powered by relevancy, accuracy, and website pathing – so the system gets continuously smarter at finding out what your site visitors want to see.

Indexed Content Search

Everyone knows the power of search engines, but when inaccurate results are continuously delivered then the feature is often ignored. By using our enhanced indexed search on top of the standard CMS search, we can deliver relevant results directly under the search bar. No need to be pushed off to a search results page just to find out you didn’t get what you’re looking for. Search results are delivered quickly, accurately, and effectively.

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