DevOps + Project Management

Server power, DevOps, and the in-house project management talent to back it up.

We utilize a set of practices and tools to improve collaboration and communication between software development and operations teams. In short, we use technology to bring the two teams together to work towards a common goal of delivering high-quality applications quickly and efficiently.

DevOps – The Hidden Foundation

We increase the speed of development and delivery by automating many of the manual processes and workflows associated with launching web projects. Our development teams can focus on writing code and delivering new features, while operations teams can ensure that the application is deployed and running smoothly in production.

DevOps also helps to improve the reliability, security, and scalability of application systems by automating the testing, deployment, and monitoring. By using automated tools and processes, our team can detect and fix problems quickly, and reduce the risk of downtime or overall system performance issues.

  • Extremely efficient workflows through common versioning systems like Git. (GitHub, BitBucket, etc.)
  • Clear permissions hierarchy to allow for controlled access and security to applications.
  • Auto-deployment on common cloud services like Amazon Web Services. (AWS)
  • Automated testing tools to simulate user interactions, such as clicking buttons, filling out forms, and navigating pages, which allows our developers to test the functionality of applications in a real-world scenario.


Hybrid Waterfall + Agile Project Management

We promote a culture of continuous improvement and experimentation, which leads to better quality applications and increased responsiveness to our clients needs. Our unique hybrid project management, a combination of the traditional waterfall and newer agile processes, delivers results.

  • Waterfall Project Management: This traditional approach allows for predictable budget and timelines, with clear expectations set upfront. Problem – It is impossible to react to changing client needs and requirements, and projects become very rigid as a result.
  • Agile Project Management: A newer, more flexible approach where project requirements and builds are iterated in small cycles, with continuously changing requirements. Problem – Very dynamic and effective project results come with a price, specifically that the price is unknown. Large software companies often work off a “burn rate” because of this issue, with no established fixed budget based on pre-determined goals.

With a hybrid approach, we use our experience to set clear expectations upfront on most areas of the project that support it. Over hundreds of projects we have built this knowledge up to set timelines and budgets at a highly accurate level. When necessary and approved, on certain areas of a project we will use micro-agile cycles within a flexible budget. This allows for a highly optimized end product without being limited within early constraints.

The Difference

We are a team of engineers and project managers with vast experience levels and high level knowledge. No need to depend on third parties, our in-house tools and personnel are up to the task. You can trust that you are in safe hands with the team managing your project day in and day out.


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