Graphic Design

Graphic DesignCreative UI, UX, Visual Experiences

Design is at the forefront of every project we complete, with our focus being the creation of both visually stunning and usable applications.  The true art of web design is combining those two disciplines together, creative and functional.  While some agencies focus on just one, we deliver on the entire package. Our clients have access to design experience that extends through multiple disciplines and real-world knowledge.

Three areas that we focus on with each and every design:

  1. Creative - Is it visually appealing? Will our users be impressed or inspired by our layout?  Are we conveying the correct emotions?
  2. UI/UX - Is the experience navigating through our design smooth? Are the important calls to action and functional areas natural to find/easy to use?
  3. Compatibility - Does the design work for everyone? Will our users have a similar experience on a phone, tablet, or full screen device?

To find out more about how our design process for website and mobile applications works, at a micro level, please click the link below.

How Our Design Process Works.

Web Development

Web DevelopmentCutting Edge Website Technology

Simply put - building a website these days is easy.  Creating a web-based experience at scale?  Not so easy. That is what we deliver.

Our development team has elite-level skills in all of the important disciplines needed to deliver on this promise.  Database management, MVC code, HTML5, PHP, JavaScript, Agile name it, we've mastered it.  We have our developers regularily tested against other coders and we often score in the top 1% worldwide.  Not only that, but we encourage a culture of innovation in our projects - making sure we are constantly at the top of our game to deliver maximum value.

How does this all help our clients? Essentially we deliver more, for less.  Cutting edge open source software and mastery of all development tools allows us to build large, secure systems much faster than our competition.  Not only that, but we have over 300 completed projects under our belt, serving hundreds of thousands of users per day.

Web Development and Open Source: How We Do It

App Development

App DevelopmentCross Platform Apps for Mobile

We approach mobile app development differently, and pass on the added value to our clients.  With mobile apps, traditionally you would be forced to code, test, and launch separate apps for each type of device - including Web, iPhone/iOS, and Android.  However, innovations in open-source technology allow the production of one singular source code that can be deployed to multiple operating systems.  Even better, the latest and greatest iteration of this, React Native, allows us to deploy native code.

What does this mean? It means your mobile app has the fastest speeds, easier deployment/updates, and higher production quality.  All at a much lower cost than traditional native app development.

React Native is used by some of the biggest apps on the market, including Instagram, Facebook, Uber, and more.

Mobile App Projects - How We Work


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