Maintenance & Support

After your website is done and launched, we're not going anywhere.  Our team is available with quick turnarounds and on-demand website, marketing, or strategic support.

Speed & Reliability: How It's Done

To help support our existing and future clients, we have built a unique hosting platform that can power the websites we build at the fastest speed available.  This means that we build the host specifically for the software that we build, and we can get the most out of it.  One of the primary reasons for server slowdowns is malicious code and scripts run unknowingly by website owners through virus attacks.  By essentially 'controlling our neighborhood', and with the top state of the art pro-active scanning scripts, we take care of all threats before they are a problem.

Cloud Hosting, what does it mean?

Cloud Hosting is just a term to describe websites, emails, or files that are hosted in multiple locations all at once.  Rather than depending upon a single server, at a single location, your data is spread out among hundreds or even thousands of data centers, in small parts.

So, how does this help?

Normally if there is a power outage, server problem, or other hardware issue it would bring your entire website down.  Instead, on the cloud, when there is a problem your site simply uses another server in another location.  This all happens in a fraction of a second so your customers won't even notice, all they see is a great looking, fast website.

For even more efficiency and redundancy, we spread out your hosting services so that email, databases, and files are all delivered from different places.  This ensures that each critical area of your online presence is controlled from a location that is built just for that purpose.  Fast, secure email, and even faster websites are all possible now using the power of Cloud Computing and our worldwide hardware partners.

Technical Hosting Specs

For the technical users, here are the stats below for our hosting packages.

  • 100% power and network uptime guarantee
  • Pay for what you use! Cloud servers can be spun up and spun down at any time, you only pay for the time you use the server, combined with the desired hardware specs.  Translation: Deliver website content to a few thousand visitors a month, all the way to hundreds of thousands, all while scaling naturally without any downtime.
  • Managed service, backed up by one of the largest hosting hardware providers in the world. Not only do you get our software and engineering expertise, but we are also directly connected to Red Hat certified engineers for hardware issues.
  • Linux, Apache, MySQL®, PHP (LAMP) servers with persistent local hard drives and managed service level.  Managed service includes complete server set-up, maintenance, backups, and performance optimization.
  • MySQL® Cloud Databases with 229% faster performance than equivalent service from Amazon Web Services
  • High-performance SSD Block Storage, and files storage with CDN for fast global delivery of content
  • Software-defined networks for network isolation, performing packet filtering, and supporting broadcast/multicast
  • Host corporate websites, blogs, full e-commerce, social networks, customer information managers, and more.

Pricing Information

Coming Soon!

Please contact us directly if you are interested in our hosting services, due to the initial complexity of set-up our engineers will work with you directly.  This ensures that all the sites that are on our hosting platform remain the fastest and most efficient.

Security & SSL

We take data security very seriously. Thus, your information is encrypted by a bank-grade, 256-bit SSL certificate during all secure transactions performed on our website.

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