Optimization of your website through Social Media Outlets

Google and other major search engines have already announced their intensions of using Social Media triggers as an increasing role in their search engine results rankings.  Not only that, but a large percentage of potential customers already use ratings, reviews, and other types of social websites to find which business they will use.

Now included in most of our Search Engine Optimization plans, Social Media Optimization is becoming an integral part of your overall marketing strategy.

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Yelp, Pinterest, How to Manage Them All?

It can definitely be exhausting.  It seems a new social media site pops up every day, and you can never be sure if it worth your time or not.  Part of our comprehensive service is to focus on the most relevant social media outlets for your business or website.  We do the heavy lifting, including creating a custom profile your your accounts, customized graphic layouts, and regularily updating your accounts to increase your validity and customer reach.  Simply having a Facebook account isn’t enough any more, you need to compell people to come to your site, and be interested in what you have to say.  This is where our strategies come in.

What is the Value of Social Media?

Besides the increasing benefit of search engine ranking based upon social media presence, there are several other benefits to focusing on Social Media.  One is the direct line of communication between your website and the customer.  A ‘fan’ or ‘follower’ of any of your accounts is essnetially a opt-in subscriber to your external marketing.  Without the stigma of email spam, a carefuly planned marketing campaign can present your customers with an offer, and encourage them to share it virally.  It isn’t easy, though.  These offers must be carefully planned, coordinated, and offer a compelling reason for your customers to share the information.  No one wants to be labelled as a spammer, and we use creative techniques to ensure that your social media presence is something to be proud of.

Is Social Media Optimization a Stand-alone Service?

The simple answer is no.  With the higher level Search Engine Optimization plans included in our marketing packages, we include Social Media as an integral part of the strategy.  The degree of inclusion depends upon your individual website or industry.  Obviously a company that promotes local events would need a much higher level of social media involvement than a company that does business to business transactions.  This is where our optimization specialists come in, we help determine the correct strategy for your situation, based upon years of experience.

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