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Getting your website to the top pages of search results, or even the top few placements ON the first page, can yield amazing results.  With more people every day using search engines to find what they are looking for, you can’t afford to ignore this fact any longer.  The problem? There is still only one first page, and a few top spots that garner the vast majority of internet traffic.  The road to the top means aligning your goals with the search engine, the consumer, and most importantly, choosing a search engine optimization company that is aligned with both.

Search Engine Optimization and PPC Results Locations

The top search engine spots are highly coveted, and more and more businesses are realizing this every day.  Thus, the competition for these spots gets harder and harder at an ever increasing pace.  Search Engine Optimzation involves regular, time-consuming technical work to ensure that your website is consistently at the top of your industry related keywords.

Making Promises: What Can You Get Out Of It?

Be wary of anyone that promises fixed results after a fixed amount of time.  Due to the nature of search engine algorithims and pure competition, there is absoltuely no way to guarantee any specific ranking result.  What WE can guarantee, however, is that over time you will receive positive return on your investment.  Over time, your website will become more legitimite in the eyes of search engines, which it turn makes it more legitimite in the eyes of consumers.  This leads to more sales, more leads, or more referrals.  It is good business.

The Ranking: How We Do It.

Some companies may try to convince you that search engine optimization techniques are proprietary, secret, or just plain magical.  In reality, the techniques are very straightforward.  It just takes work, no shortcuts.  We focus on aligning your website content with the goals of the search engine, first and foremost.  The goal of a search engine is to give a consumer the best possible websites/results based upon their query.  So we make sure that your website IS in fact the best possible result for that query.  Techniques like blogging, link networking, active social media accounts, on-page optimization, and copywriting are all intertwined in a large scale online marketing plan.

Black Hat. Beware!

The techniques above may seem like a lot of work, and they are!  This is the reason that competition is so fierce for valuable, high-traffic keywords.  Non-reputable individuals and companies have developed techniques that can push results to the top of keyword lists, often by violating the terms of service of search engines or using various spam strategies.   Do not fall into this trap.  Search engines catch on very quickly and will often take permanent action against your website, including the dreaded black list.  This means your website can get 100% removed from a search engine listing, permanently, effectively destroying your online business.

Real SEO takes time, careful strategy, skill, and creative individuals.  We don’t fight against search engines, we play by their rules and are rewarded for it.

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We take data security very seriously. Thus, your information is encrypted by a bank-grade, 256-bit SSL certificate during all secure transactions performed on our website.

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