Pay Per Click Advertising to Maximize Your ROI

The online marketplace is very competitive, and normal organic (non-paid) search results are hard to come by.  A great alternative to generate website traffic is to include direct paid advertising, also known as PPC or Pay Per Click advertising.  You simply choose a monthly budget, some desired keywords, and we’ll do the rest.

Our technicians specialize in getting the maximal return on your monthly budget, no matter what it is.  Pay Per Click advertising is all about identifying opportunities and advertising windows where you can get the largest return from the smallest investment.   Due to competition for advertising space, this is a constant job requiring tweaking, creative advertisements, and landing page monitoring.

How to Balance Your Marketing Attack

A complete online marketing strategy often involves PPC or Pay Per Click advertising, not just tradition Search Engine Optimization.  Not only is paid advertising valuable for identifying keyword opportunities, it can be used to supplement visitor traffic during your growth stages of SEO.  SEO is a slow moving machine, and results can take weeks or months to develop.  These results are strong and long lasting, but slow moving.  Pay Per Click advertising is the exact opposite, and thus can be used successfully in the early stages of any SEO plan to supplement traffic and get immediate visitors to your website.

Landing Pages and How They Help

Since Pay Per Click advertising involves a significant investment for a fixed amount of website visitors, it is absolutely essential that the visitors be funeled through an efficient sales proces.  As an example, if you have a user who click on an advertisement for sweaters, and are then taken to your website to apage about shoes, they will be confused.  A confused internet browser will most often leave, as they can find a new company or website to use quickly in only a few clicks.  It is esential to grab your visitor’s attention immediately, and for many websites the way to do this is with Landing Pages. A landing page addresses the exact need or problem of your customer, and presents the solution. Thus, you turn visitors into sales, also known as the all-important Conversion Rate.

Can I Do It Myself?

Absolutely!  The advertising systems are all very easy to set-up, use, and monitor.  The reason you would want a professional to help manage your account is simply for efficiency and Conversion Rate (see above).  A professional, experienced company will help you achieve much higher conversion rates and thus a much higher Return on your Investment.  Don’t believe us?  See what our customers are saying or Start advertising on your own!

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