and RSForm! Pro Donation / Payment / Recurring Subscription Form

A new extension to create an payment form for RSForm! Pro has been developed, tested, and fully released.  This plugin will allow any website admin to create a form for a simple donation, one-time payment, product purchase, multiple product purchase, or even a subscription based recurring payment using ARB, Automated Recurring Billing.

Specifically the plugin comes as a built in attachment to the RSForm! Pro interface, and easily installs via the Joomla Extension Manager.  No hacks or any other input is needed besides the basic configuration, and setting up the fields you want to use directly in the form.

Install it or uninstall it any time without any ill effect.

Have a new feature request? Let us know, we're adding things all the time. This plugin can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Creating a single payment donation form for a non-profit organization.
  • Create a form for customers to pay current invoices via eCheck or Credit Card.
  • A recurring subscription to a service, billed through secure ARB, Automated Recurring Billing
  • A simple product purchase form for a single product, or multiple products (requires knowledge of javascript).

Download it Here!


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