Pricing a Website: No Smoke & Mirrors

Websites are complex, hard to build, and even harder to price. The variable nature, however, can become clearer when you know what to expect.

Creating Value for YOU With Technology

The concept of value is extremely important in website design and development. A company that does not stay up to date with technology and the latest efficient development resources will negatively affect their clients’ return on investment. We are aware of this fact and use all the latest tools and knowledge to constantly improve our own processes. We can then cut costs across the board and share that value with our clients.

The Cost of a Typical Project

Our website budgets are driven almost entirely by man hours. For example, on a typical business website you might expect the following items:

  • Planning meetings, code workflow design, direct client communication = 15 hours
  • Wireframing, custom graphic design, graphic revisions, icon and image sets = 40 hours
  • Code writing, application customization, additional programming = 65 hours
  • Quality assurance, testing, administration training = 25 hours

This project would total about 145 billable man hours, not including any server or hardware costs. Now, let’s say our project manager finds a commercial component that can eliminate 20 hours of programming time from the budget. We pass this massive savings on to you, through our completely transparent development process. Your website is hosted on YOUR server, and the code is available at all times once the project is delivered.

Transparent Pricing

We believe in complete transparency in our pricing and entire website design/development process. Not everyone wants to hear about the technical details of each project, but we are happy to discuss these specifics on any potential projects. Contact us today to discuss your needs, and get a quick estimate

Security & SSL

We take data security very seriously. Thus, your information is encrypted by a bank-grade, 256-bit SSL certificate during all secure transactions performed on our website.

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