Open Source Specialty: What It Means...

Open Source is a term to describe software that is created by a community of skilled volunteers, with a completely wide open code base that can be altered and customized as needed.  We specialize in it.

How does it affect our bottom line?

By utilizing tried and tested code as a basis for specific website needs, we can effectively skip the steps that would normally bog down a website development.  Some of these steps that can include code security, versioning, structure development, and more.  The open source community openly shares the code that is commonly used in thousands of websites around the world, and smart businesses are catching on to save money without any sacrifice in quality.  A development firm is still important to adapt code for specific uses and ensure maximum efficiency, but the days of creating applications from a blank slate each time are effectively over.

A CMS Revolution

One of the most common applications for our open source websites is to piggy back off of mature, powerful CMS (Content Management System) software. Two major examples are Wordpress and Joomla!  Each of these pieces of software is used to create a framework for website owners to manage their own sites without writing any code or managing HTML themselves.  From this platform, we can create and customize almost any type of website development, while keeping to a flexible framework that allows the client to manage the end product.

Security & SSL

We take data security very seriously. Thus, your information is encrypted by a bank-grade, 256-bit SSL certificate during all secure transactions performed on our website.

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